Find a gym that’s convenient it will do wonders. Location is crucial because if the gym is too far from work or home the traffic will kill your motivation. Exercising after work is recommended because once you get home your not going to want to exercise. Take your cloths to the gym most health clubs have lockers with showers so you can change their. This makes working out part of your daily chores. Home is associated with your place of rest. If you get home you probably will not want to go to the gym .Joining a gym is crucial to changing your body. It’s a great place to meet other people with similar goals that can help keep you motivated. Working out at home can be just as effective but lets be realistic are you really going to work out at home? There’s to many distractions the phone the kids your friends. Most gyms offer guest passes to try out the gym for free. Almost every gym offers similar deals.

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