What is protein? Protein is the building blocks for lean muscle. Your hair, skin, and nails are all made up of protein. Protein is what helps your body burn fat and build muscle. It also increases your metabolism and regulates your glucose levels, so your carbs are released at a slower rate. This does wonders for your energy levels. Did you know that consuming more protein can accelerate your metabolism by 20 %.
Do you wonder were you can find protein? The best source is egg whites. Eggs are the highest quality protein source out there. Try to stay away from the yolk(the yellow part). A cup of eggs has about 30g –a 4oz raw Top round steak has 25g—a 4oz turkey breast has 20g—4oz of tuna has about 22g
When is the best time to eat protein? 15-45 minutes after working out is the best time to consume protein. It is best to drink a protein shake because the shakes are formulated to go straight into your muscle. If you were to eat a piece of chicken your body has to digest and absorb the protein which takes longer.
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