Some people need constant external motivation and some can motivate themselves from inside but the truth is we all need at least some motivation. You can find motivation in many ways such as books, movies, videos, friends, family but in this day and age images are a great way to constantly remind yourself to push forward. In order to reach your new year’s resolution and keep yourself as motivated as possible, we have included our favorite 40 motivational quotes. Hopefully on that day when you dreading going to the gym one of these quotes will lift your spirit and get you back in Fitness mode. Feel free to use them as wallpaper for your iPhone or Android phone so you can have a constant reminder to push forward. We have included quotes from highly influential people such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jordon, Sylvester Stallon, George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi and Thomas Jefferson. Another great way to stay motivated is memorizing your favorite quote and saying it to yourself every morning and every night 20 times.


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1. “6 Rules of Success. Trust Yourself, Break Some Rules, Don’t be afraid to fail, Ignore the Naysayers, Work Like Hell and Give Something Back.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

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